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Welcome to the Official website for Salon Estique South Africa.

Our Head Office and Nail Bar is located in Secunda, South Africa.

We offer Gel, Acrylic, Nail Care and Nail Art Services with a Critical Focus on Quality and Health.

Salon Estique also offers Magicgel Systems!

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- Lee Jv Rensburg, Managing Director.

"Fashion is not about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else, that comes from within You" - Ralph Lauren



We believe in listening. We always strive to meet any demands for custom nail art and offer a diverse amount of styles / art / settings which will be truly unique to You!


unique chic

Setting You apart from the Crowd in the Best Ways Possible! We strive to match your wants and exceed your expectations. Ahead of the trends and trendsetters alike.



We ensure that we use only tried and tested products which offer You durability and peace of mind. Never settle for less with Salon Estique as your Service Provider.

Quality Service through use of Quality Products


The Estique difference... Our philosophy is that Service Excellence can only be maintained through consistency and a key focus on quality. Thus, our Promise is to use only the best quality products available to us.

In addition; be sure to check out our Magicgel offerings





We understand that style needs to express Your individuality to the fullest. Therefore we have a wide range of natural styles, trendy styles and colorful styles available. We do different nail shapes and round them off with art and colors which resonate with You.


 You could have Your Nails Featured here!  Book Now!

You could have Your Nails Featured here! Book Now!

 You could have Your Nails Featured here!  Book Now!

You could have Your Nails Featured here! Book Now!

Look out for our in-store deals and Magicgel Products coming soon!


We stock an exclusive range of High Quality, Best in Class products which are available for purchase at our Salon exclusively.

We have card facilities available and also accept Cash / EFT.


A Note for Distributors -

Please contact us, should you be interested in applying:

All our products are sold in USD ($) based on the Exchange rate

All products are all imported from the United States / Canada directly, thus there may be extended delivery times for certain products not held in stock locally.

All our sales are backed with our Returns Policy and after Sales Assistance.


"Fashion changes. But style endures" - Coco Chanel